Image of Hospitals Recommend Flu Vaccinations to Protect Health

Hospitals Recommend Flu Vaccinations to Protect Health

The start of the flu season is very unpredictable. Flu activity can begin as early as October and typically peaks in the U.S. in January or February. California’s hospitals recommend a flu shot every year as the first and best step in protecting you and your family from getting this serious disease.  

Here’s some other information that  you should know about flu vaccinations from the CDC:

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Patient Safety


Hand Hygiene Can Help Prevent the Spread of Infections

In hospitals and other health care settings, hand hygiene can prevent infections from spreading from one patient to another, as well as from patient to health care worker.  Hospitals and medical centers are taking things “into their own hands” and coming up with novel, effective ways to encourage hand hygiene improving quality.

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Why volunteer?

Why volunteer?

Watch as NorthBay Guild volunteers explain why they donate and dedicate their time to helping the patients, the people and the programs of NorthBay Healthcare. NorthBay Healthcare is a not-for-profit hospital system in Solano County, California.